Thursday 18th March 2010 - at 7.30pm.



Helen Abbott


Billingshurst Rotary Club

Hazel Barnes


St Mary's Church

Gordon Braun


Station Road LAT

Keith Brown


Station Road LAT

Tony Burke


BCP ( Treasurer)

Denise Campbell


Village Hall (Vice Chairman)

Own Davies



Sandy Duck



Alan Grant


Billingshurst Parish Council

Ken Johnson


Lions (Company Secretary)

Gillian Knight


Local History Society

Linda Nichol


St Gabriel’s Playgroup

Patrick Perks


BCP ( Chairman)

Tony Priestly



Pam Spencer



John Underwood



Peter Woodman


The Weald

Minutes: Sandy Duck. SD

PP welcomed everyone and advised there would be a short adjournment to the normal Management Meeting, and welcomed Mark Mc Taggart and Joanna Harper from AirS to give a presentation on 3 projects they felt would be relevant to the work of BCP.

  • Gardening - To encourage the young to help the elderly with gardening, conversely the elderly can share their gardening knowledge and skills with the young. Befriending and time banking are other benefits of this project

  • Transport for families - to help families without transport, these are often single parents, on low incomes. Currently undertaking an on line survey with 800 parents, and there is evidence of need. Solutions to help these families could be in Car sharing – mums give lifts, extend or amend the current local schemes and more willing volunteers
  • Time Banking - This is a community tool, sharing of skills, energy, knowledge - one hour is one time credit, reciprocity - do it when you can.

If the BCP want to get involved, the next steps would be:

  • Form a steering Group

  • Identify a Time Broker
  • Work Closely with AirS
  • Use experience of Selsey
  • Work in partnership with CVS, HDC and POPP.

PP thanked both Mark and Joanna for their time and it was felt that we do have a full book of projects at the moment; however we would give it our consideration. Mark and Joanna left the meeting. A copy of the presentation will be filed with the minutes.

57.1 Welcome: PP opened the Management Meeting, by welcoming Tony Priestly to the meeting.

57.2 Declaration of Interest: - None.

57.3 Apologies for Absence:

Matt Alsbury-Morris; Les Amstead; Peggy Davies; Amanda Jupp; Carol Terry; Colin Milne;

John Griffin; Sue Samson.

57.4 Minutes of the Meeting - 21st January 2010

Amendment: page 7 - 56.9.2 last line ' AG ' Happy to take any feedback to PC from BCP should read Happy to take any feedback to Horsham District Community Partnership from BCP

This was amended - minutes were then agreed by the meeting and signed by PP (Chair).

57.5 Matters Arising:

AOB - Horsham District Community Partnership Conference 24th March - it is not as was thought and there is a restriction on numbers, if you are wanting to go please contact Natasha Robinson or Julian Carrington to book places.

PP asked who would like to go - he said he would book the 2 places.


Tony Priestly

Tony has expressed a wish to get involved with the Partnership, to get involved in the Village Regeneration Project. As we have a vacant space it was proposed by PP that we co-opt Tony onto the Management Committee for this purpose this was seconded by KJ (Ken Johnson)

There being no objections this was carried.

57.7 Financial Report:

AB - Financial Report - see appendix 1

Since the last statement there has been very little activity.

Income £18,000

Billingshurst Lions £10,000 for Youth - Station Road Project

Sustainable Community - £3,500 for current year and £3,500 for next year

We are expecting £5000 from HDC.

Year end is approaching and need all expenditure accounted for by the end of the month.

GK: - £1908.59 is this available for ARTS

AB. Yes.

57.8 Organisation Chart - Project Sub Groups

PP - organisational chart has been sent out to all.

57.9 (A) projects: Brief Updates:

57.9.1 Community (Elderly / Disadvantaged)

  • Elderly

AB - Numbers continue to be quite small, we now have a planning group which have identified activities to introduce to the lunch club to improve interest.


Exercise class will continue to take place each meeting followed by:

RSPB presentation

Visit to Camelia Botnar

Memory Boxes


Ballet School to watch rehearsals.

We are campaigning for more people and it is hoped as the weather improves so will our numbers.

KJ: Lions Bingo is suffering the same decline, maybe it would be good for all of us who deal with the elderly to get together.

AB: There are an increasing number of people not wanting to go out of their own homes.

HB: St Mary's church lunch is increasing.

  • Disadvantaged

PS: nothing to report

57.9.2 Youth (Tag / Yes)

  • TAG

DC - The numbers are very low - only about 8 per week at the moment.

Understand that the young people are congregating round some-ones house.

Will consider how to proceed with this after Easter.

  • YES

Currently have 8 on the project. 4 to be placed after Easter. Contacting the Weald has not been successful as no-one gets back to us.

Considering changing tack and developing a detached youth work programme and employing a group to come in and run it. Details will follow when there is more concrete information to give. This programme would combine TAG and YES and feed back to the BCP what events/ workshops, activities young people of Billingshurst want.

Multi-Court and Youth Shelter on Station Road:

Being installed - it should be completed by Easter break..

Friday evening sessions at Leisure Centre Astro pitch:

After 8 weeks they have now stopped. Unfortunately last week West Sussex Youth Service decided to pull the plug on it which is very disappointing and have raised our objections to them.

Ray Driscoll is interested in developing Youth Projects in Billingshurst. A program needs to be developed with youth workers, using adult volunteers to work with them. Costs are to be produced to see if we can move forward

57.9.3 Arts & Culture

David Stockwell (Village Hall), is leading this group, and Gillian Knight the BCP representative on this group will be providing updates through this committee.

The proposed Show Case will not go ahead as there is no funding to support this.

Next production: 29th October -'Maximum Diner'- a performance with food. - David and Gillian are gong to read through, and they will need volunteers to support them.

AB: How much will it cost and how are we going to get people to come along.

GK: Don't know but marketing is crucial

KJ: David Stockwell ran these arts events in Plaistow and they were always a great success.

PP/GK: - very impressed with the ideas he has so far and is even now planning for 2011

GK: we will need funds for marketing.

57.9.4 Sports & Recreation

PP - Billingshurst Firework Display is going ahead - is there anyone willing to join them on their organising committee? There were no volunteers.

57.9.5 Gardens Project

PP: - we are holding some finance which will support an application to BIFFA - has anyone any objections to us making a bid to BIFFA - there were no objections

KB: - The railings are up, drainage completed, Youth Shelter under way.

GB & KB are looking for sponsorship for the pathways down to the gates. Once this has been completed will get the youth involved in planting up the boarders etc.

57.9.6 LDF/HDC Sustainable Strategy

No progress to report

B Projects Detailed

57.9.6. Village Regeneration (to include Economy, Car Parking Solutions and Tourism).

Update on meeting of Economy Sub Group held 16th February 2010

Minutes of their meeting will be filed with these minutes.

  • Retail Skills

A grant of £6,000 has been approved by Action in Rural Sussex this will go directly to Metamorphosis. A meeting is scheduled with Chamber of Commerce once this has taken place they will start to visit retailers.

  • Community Shop

The Leader Expression of interest application had been submitted and met with an unfavourable response. Copies were distributed so that comments could be submitted to KJ/SS as soon as possible.

We must look in detail at the type of uses proposed e.g. eco-friendly, sustainable and locally based enterprises. It was agreed that 'Community Shop' was not the right name for the project. Colin Milne is working on the financial modelling.

Horsham DC are to be asked for the services of the Town Centre Manager to assist with marketing the project to prospective traders

PS - commented - The shop in Pulborough by the bridge is a great example of how the Community Shop could work.

  • Publicity and Marketing

PP was ready to submit the S.106 application to HDC which would be submitted on his return from holiday.

Anita Burdfield felt that we should find someone to organise a publicity campaign in support of local shopping and the parking issues. A poster campaign with perhaps a stall in the High Street would concentrate people's minds. Members would consider who might be able to help.

  • Car Parking

The Jengers Mead parking problems continue. There is continuing contact with Francis Maude MP about this.

The Library car park system works well but there are sometimes still short term parking difficulties. This could be overcome if the Six Bells Car Park were to be available for short term parking rather than permit based for long term parking. This necessitates an alternative an alternative area of land being made available for commuters and shop/office workers.

The previously outlined proposal for Jubilee Fields with a 'Commuter bus service' to the station will not be included in the first phase of this project. Network Rail should be encouraged to extend their car park but there could be difficulties of land ownership involved

The Jubilee Fields option could still be an option for local workers provided that the minibus (es) could be kept fully employed during the day either on a circular route around Billingshurst or to and from the outlying villages. It may be possible to link such a scheme with other minibus providers locally.

The possibility of using the land at the northern end of the by-pass was discussed and it was agreed that a meeting should be sought with the Chief Executive of Horsham DC. KJ would draft notes in support to cover the consequences of the District Council's failure to acquire Jengers Mead Car Park.

57.9.7 CYF - (Centralised Youth Facility)

John Griffin is currently on holiday. There is a meeting scheduled with key members of the project for 30th April.

.57.10 Membership of and reports from, other organisations or affiliations.

  1. BAIT - Billingshurst Action Initiative Team

Nothing to report - next meeting is scheduled for next week.

  1. 6 Towns

Extracts Rural Towns Forum:

JU: - Steyning PC are preparing a list of priority road and pavements for gritting in the event of another major snowfall.

Henfield have had their Leader Expression of interest accepted and have a grant from 'Hidden Britain' southeast for map boards etc.

Pulborough have no empty shops and their Post Office has reopened. They certainly rate Metamorphosis.

Steyning have obtained money from 'Collaborate' for a tourist info touch screen in the Post Office. They also have 21 parking spaces with the help from Leader.

On 9th May there will be an historic bus rally based at Horsham but including the old route to Billingshurst. We are asked to support it in some way.

Clustering - Pulborough are starting on a new village plan and will be involving their outliers. They will be contacting us to make sure they don't tread on our toes. Perhaps we need to look more closely at getting involved with our outliers and so pre-empt HDC's clustering plan.

Hilary Knight of Sussex Enterprise gave a presentation about Sussex Food Finder. All agreed to promote this in their relevant Parish newsletters and more directly. HDC are doing a press release, and we need to think how we can all promote local produce.

Horsham are going to promote local produce by putting on ‘Microfood’ on 30th June following the same model as the successful Microbiz for local businesses.

  1. S.E.R.T.P.

PP has attended the first meeting. The next meeting is scheduled for 15th April to form the criteria going forward - he will report back at the next meeting.

57.11 Christmas Billifest 5th December 2010

AB: - JG, SD and I have formed the working committee we have had a number of meetings and are well under way with the planning. Chamber of Commerce are involved we have a couple of members on the working committee.

57.12 AOB

Piazza Rally - Good Friday

PP - The forth coming Piazza Rally organised by HDC - It involves Ferrari cars who will be starting the rally from Pulborough stopping in the Library Car Park in Billingshurst for refreshments -they then go onto Horsham where there is an Italian Market and other attractions for the Easter weekend.

It is a really good day and good for the Village, and we need some volunteers to help with the marshalling at the Library Car Park between 11.00 am - 12.00noon. Also need someone to lead this. GB volunteered to lead this and KJ and KB offered to help.

We also have 2 volunteers from the Chamber of Commerce.

Democratic Youth for Europe

PP - This involves the UK Ireland and Poland - I am attending a meeting Thursday 23rd March with a representative from Ireland. I will get the details to move this project forward.

BCP Directors

PP - It is with regret that I have to inform you the Directors of the BCP have been challenged on a matter of governance with complying with the Memorandum of Association for Billingshurst Community Partnership in the way the Special Resolution dated November 2008 was dealt with. We are in the process of resolving this satisfactorily and we can confirm to the Management Committee the special resolution was dealt with inline with the requirements of the Companies Act.

57.12. Date for the next meeting Thursday 20th May 2010 at 7.30pm

Meeting closed - 9.00pm


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